San Marco Condominium

A Boutique Sarasota Condominium
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1188 North Tamiami Trail
Sarasota, Florida 34236

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The following dates are scheduled San Marco Condominium Association Board of Director meeting dates from
July – November 2019.
Future Meeting dates and location may be cancelled
or changed if required.
Please consult the website and
bulletin boards for updates.
Tuesday July 16, 2019               4 pm- 5:30 pm 
Tuesday August 20, 2019         4 pm- 5:30 pm
Tuesday September 17, 2019   4 pm- 5:30 pm 
Tuesday October 15, 2019       4 pm- 5:30 pm 
Tuesday November 19, 2019    4 pm- 6:00 pm 
All meetings are located at Selby Library –
 2nd Floor Conference Room
1331 First Street, Sarasota, Florida

Agendas for all meetings will be posted in the "Minutes/Agendas'" section. 

Key Phone Numbers

Lighthouse Property Management: Cassandra Galanopoulos 941-312-5287
Pres: Tony Britt 973-271-2103
V Pres: Ruth Goldman 941-840-2742
Police Emergency: 911
Police Non-Emergency: 941-316-1199


A Corporation Not-for-Profit
November 30, 2018

                                                                                                                            New Board
                                                                                  Introduction Letter

Dear fellow San Marco residents: On Tuesday November 27, 2018 following the annual San Marco members meeting, a new Board of Directors assumed office. The new board members and full contact information is below:

PRESIDENT- TONY BRITT # 301 (C) 973-271-2103
VICE PRESIDENT – RUTH GOLDMAN # 603 (C) 941-840-2742

TREASURER – GARY SIMONS # 304 (C) 813-810-6494 

SECRETARY- RICH GOLDMAN # 603 (C) 610-812-8630

DIRECTOR- RUTH FERNSTROM # 201 (H) 941-822-0257

We are excited, as volunteers, to have joined the board. We are your neighbors and friends, and have the best interest of the whole community as our goal. Our role on the board is to help manage the affairs of the San Marco for the benefit of all residents. That includes: authorizing and supervising upkeep and improvements to our building, managing our finances, keeping on top of neighborhood issues and developments and a host of other duties intended to maximize our San Marco experience.

This board feels honored to be tasked to help guide this building and this community to even greater success. But please also keep in mind that we are an oversight and management body, and that we do not have access to a 24/7 caretaking staff.

When issues or opportunities for improvement arise, please raise them to one of us for consideration. Our dedicated website contains valuable tools for all residents to access as well as a Maintenance Request Form that facilitates reporting of any common element issues or concerns. I urge all residents to please use it.

The San Marco is a gem of a building with a unique personality and unique advantages. We are a small community, where we have the luxury of knowing all of our residents on a first name basis. When issues and concerns arise, this intimacy and sense of shared community should allow us to resolve all issues for the greater good of our community. 

Every resident of this building shares in its success. We want a clean, distinctive building with thriving businesses. We want the San Marco to be a desired destination, a gem amongst the mass of impersonal high rises.

To that end, we have a tremendous basket of skills and talents possessed by our residents that can be used for the benefit of all of us in the building. We are all in this together and by working together we can continue to enhance and improve our San Marco community.

I am asking all residents who wish to participate and contribute their skills and energy to the San Marco community, to please contact me personally. We can all benefit from your help. My contact information is above and please reach out.
Let’s have fun…

Tony Britt